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DJ is our only working stud yet as of now. He’s a handsome blue and tan boy with a huge head! Such a sweet boy that has produced some beautiful babies!


Zoey Belle

Zoey Belle is our beautiful light blue fawn girl with light tan points. She has a great personality, loves other dogs and people.


Ellie is our beautiful tiny Black and Tan girl with the prettiest dark rust tan points. She has perfect stucture and around 18lbs. She's always on the go and is super sweet! She carries all colors , hoping we will have babies from her towards the end of 2023


Sophie, our good looking blue fawn girl with tan points, weighs 23lbs. and is a very active girl. She loves to play with toys all the time.


Nova is our beautiful blue fawn girl with tan points, she is possibly the most beautiful fawn I have ever seen. She and Sophie are full sisters, she loves to cuddle, and play She weighs about 23lbs, very well structured girl with a beautiful head.


Winter is our pretty cream girl. She is an aa merle covered in cream that carries blue and Isabella, she has a very unique DNA . She is a super sweet playful girl and weighs 18lbs.


Sunny was born in August 2020. She is a chocolate and tan covered in cream and carries Isabella, she can produce a variety of colors. A more calm and quiet personality, and she weighs 20lbs.


Kasey is our blue and tan Irish pied born in February 2019. Super sweet girl and loves anyone who will pet her. Biggest of all my girls, around 28lbs.


Our precious Jewel, she is just the prettiest blue pied girl, with the greatest personality she loves everyone. Her mama is Kasey, and  she is about 7 months old in these photos, Very excited to see her mature 


French Bulldogs

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